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"Now I tie my running shoes whenever I want and I go wherever I want. I will keep running for my right to movement as a Palestinian and for my equal right as a young woman to practice what I love the most”. 

Imagine that you have spent your life training to be a free, independent, educated young woman in this world. Imagine that along with that you spent your life dreaming to live with freedom, dignity, safety and pride. Imagine living a life where peace and freedom of movement is still an everyday battle. You have pushed yourself through the many challenges by thinking smart and innovating for change. You have constantly looked for ways to advance equality and social protection. You have advocated constantly for peace and justice, especially for young women- and yet, the basic right for movement has remained a dream.

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For 2017 World YWCA intern Amany from Palestine and many other women across the globe, this struggle is a common reality. But, instead of accepting the status quo, Amany took another path. She’s paving the way for women and young women across her country by being a leader in the right to movement campaign in Palestine.

At the World YWCA, we believe in Amany as a leader. We believe that young women like Amany can challenge the power structures of the world by actively “Thinking equal, building smart and innovating for change”.

This International Women’s Day, we appeal to you to come forward and support young women like Amany, who are challenging and transforming power structures so that young women lead the world for positive change. By donating to World YWCA, you will be a part of the journey of transformation for young women like Amany.

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Be a part of innovating for change! 

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