#SisterhoodBeyondBorders: Valentine’s Day 2019

This year Valentine’s Day was on Thursday. A day for love. We ran a campaign around sharing love through sisterhood which has for so long defined the YWCA movement. As a collective, collaborative and intergenerational movement, sisterhood has meant thinking and acting as a collective.

Through our call we sent out, we received a number photographs, quotes and articles where women and young women shared the bonding and connections with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We thank each of you for sharing your bonding stories and memories with us! These are moments where social media and global communication has helped love to move beyond borders for solidarity, support and strength, sharing love in its truest form.


#SisterhoodBeyondBorders ” was a Valentine’s Day initiative to promote the feeling of collectiveness and love amongst women, young women and girls globally. We are all one, we are all part of the movement aimed towards a better world for all women alike.”

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